DDO Softball

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Tournament Rules & Details

- 3 days, 16 teams – 11 Fun, 5 Competitive 

- EXEC-style slow-pitch softball rules (must have an Arc) 
- No stealing, must touch 2nd plate at home 
- No tagging up from 3rd base 
- Games considered complete after 4 innings or 1 hour of play 
- 12-14 players per team; 11 players on the field 
- All players present must be in the batting order for the full game, except for injury (can be withdrawn) 
- Anyone can spare for any team as long as they are not sparing against their own team 
- There are no caliber restrictions (within reason) on loaner players until the final - we ask that better judgment be used to keep things fair. In the very unlikely event a loaner is needed in the final, the tournament organizers will evaluate the calibre of the proposed loaner (who may come from eliminated teams). Provided the loaner(s) are not "ringers" or a significant upgrade, as many as needed will be allowed to play to make a 11-player roster. 
- Anyone on the roster can pitch 
- 7 innings max 
- No new inning started after 90 minutes of play (ex: 11:30 for a 10 am start) 
- Bats will be provided by the league 
- A 2nd foul after 2 strikes results in a strikeout 
- Runners will be called out if they touch home plate, except on a home run hit over the fence and out of play 

Scoring rules 
- 5 runs per inning max including, excluded the last inning of each game, which is open 
- A differential of 15 runs after 3 innings results in a mercy (to be decided by both teams) 

Eligibility, cost & objective 
- There are 2 objectives to this event: 
1) Honour the memory of Jason Azoulay by having a fun day doing something he loved: playing softball 
2) Raise money for charity! 

- Entry is a min. $40 donation to Defi Canderel 

Note: Any argument with an umpire will result in immediate ejection without exception. This includes questioning balls and strikes and any other call on the field. 

Reminder this is for charity!